The SAC has a very active membership committed to Tikun Olam ( repairing our world)
The members include: Judy Gunnar,Lenore Holloway , Judi Hyman, Rita Kagan, karen Herskovic  ,Tish Levee, Cheryle Stern Miller, Susan Miller, lyla Nathan ( co chair), Ellen Mundell, Bobbie Rosenthal ( co chair), Carol Swanson, Michelle Zygielbaum .  I thank them for their amazing
We are committed to projects throughout the year.  We , along with the generous help of the congregation ,collect healthy  non- perishable food for the Redwook Empire Food Bank.
We also have a yearly winter  clothing drive to which the congregation gives to generously.This year we delivered  warm clothes and blankets  to Catholic Charities.  They do a wonderful job of distribution to those in need.
*Dinner at the Palms*
The Palms is an converted motel on Santa Rosa Ave. that is run by the veteran’s administration and Catholic Charities providing housing and services for previously un- sheltered individuals.  Every 2 months we prepare a hot meal for 75-80 residents .We often serve chili, meatballs, salad, and dessert.  This year Bernard and Maria Soltes ( pasta etc.) have provided their delicious pasta dishes.  Also Jerry Newman prepared smoked Brisket.  Both meals were so appreciated.  Thanks to you all the Mitzvah!
Last month ,because of Covid  19 ,we delivered 80 individually packed meals. We are planning  to deliver a chili dinner on Wednesday, August 26.
*Redwood Empire Food Bank:*
For most of the year we went every 2 months to help at the food bank. We would also go out for a simple meal following the work. We had many people join us over the years .We look forward to starting this activity as soon as we can and hope that many of you can join us.    I am sure everyone knows how important the food bank is at this time. The numbers of families in need has risen dramatically.*Toiletries  collection and distribution with nursery school *
We collected toiletries with the nursery school. The children packed them and delivered items to those in need. We hope to have more inter generational activities with them.Shabbaton with Beth Haman
In November we helped the adult education committee with Shabbat dinner  and the cabaret. It was a lovely weekend and well attended.Of course our activities have been limited during the last months.  We have zoomed and kept  in contact as a group. Any one interested in participating in any way please call or email the office or Lyla Nathan.@ 5267438.   We have will continue to do what we can to support those in need.
Thanks for everyone’s continued support of our committee and our mission of Tikun Olam,
Shalom, lyla