No Hate. No Fear. No Antisemitism.

Seven years ago, the Israel Committee hosted a series alerting us to the rise in antisemitism, from far away to within our community. In the ensuing years, the virus of antisemitism blossomed. It is taught in some churches and mosques. It is embraced by both the far right, such as the KKK, and the new left, such as BDS and the BLM. Most Blacks are not antisemitic. But many of BLM’s leaders are. Schrader notes “After several weeks of protests, BLM leaders made explicitly antisemitic comments, and BLM in the UK even tweeted publicly calling for an end to Israel.” She reports that multiple protests saw crowds chanting about Jews being “our dogs.”

Antisemitism among Blacks is especially painful for those of us who marched for racial justice. Some Blacks now ask us to ask them for forgiveness. We Jews should not apologize to others who engage in antisemitism, Schrader writes. Those who subscribe to Louis Farrakhan’s vicious ideology of hate declare the Jewish community “hasn’t done enough” to help the Black community and the existence of a Jewish homeland is an abomination. They blame Jews for the suffering of Arabs living under Hamas and the Palestinian Authority rule.

Let us not apologize to antisemites. Let us follow the guidance of former New York Times columnist Bari Weiss to be proud Jews. No Hate. No Fear.

Together, let us #stopthehate . Dina Rabhan asks us to review the history of antisemitism at

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Bari Weiss. Proud American. Proud Jew.