Shalom everyone, we had a very productive meeting and I want to fill in those who couldn’t make it. We missed you!
First off, thanks to Judy, Judi and Susan for distributing the food to members in our community. Of course a huge thanks to Bernard and Maria. I thanked them on behalf of SAC. Also thanks to Judy for organizing the food distribution.

Yesterday, Judi wanted to see if there was any way we could provide food to The Palms. We came up with an idea to prepare individual portions. Bobbi called The Palms and we have organized a delivery on next Wednesday. Please read Bobbie’s notes below. Next time those of you who aren’t participating can help as I know everyone might want to.

Secondly, Ellen told us about writing postcards to encourage people to vote in states other than California. The organization that is sponsoring this effort is Indivisible. Here is the info about writing postcards and other activities that Indivisible is sponsoring. Funny thing happened today. I went to pick up postcards, both Michele and Judi were there at the exact same time!

Anyway, hope you are well. I hope we will have another zoom meeting soon.
Take care , lyla

We will be serving individual dinners to the residence of the Palms on Wednesday, May 13th

Meals will be meatballs pasta and sauce. Dessert will be in separate containers or Ziploc bags.
Individual meals will be provided by Judi ,Lyla, Karen ,Susan , Cheryl and Bobbie. Will each make 12 individual portions.
Dessert will be provided by Ellen and Michelle.
Judi will get the individual containers they will be available at her house for pick up Friday after 2:00.
We will all me on Wednesday, May 13. 3 o’clock parking lot Beth Ami. We will load all of the food into one car and that person will drop it off at the Palms.

Please feel free if I got anything wrong to correct me. And a big thank you  for everyone being willing to do this. I am proud to be on a committee with all of you.

BMertz Beth Ami racial justice presentation

Roberta Rosenthal