Dear Friends, At this time when our Divine Creator examines the world and the deeds of humanity, we gather to examine our lives and our unique personal histories. All of this in the hope that we can gain wisdom from the past and look forward and work towards a brighter future.

Our prayers in our Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur Machzor (Prayer book) reflect this joyous-somber time. They provide us a way to focus our own thoughts in seeking T’shuvah (repentance) and reconciliation.

Our Beth Ami President Carolyn Metz, Administrator Judy Gunnar, Office Manager Elizabeth Jarlsberg and I, along with our Board and Lay Leadership wish you much health, happiness and prosperity in the coming year. May we all continue to merit and perceive the blessings that we sometimes overlook and come closer to a time when compassion and kindness will motivate the hearts of people throughout the word.

With warmest wishes,
Mordecai Miller
Rabbi, Congregation Beth Ami,
Santa Rosa, CA 95405