The social action committee wishes everyone a sweet and happy New Year.  As we prepare for the holy days we want to thank everyone in the kehilla who helps support our  mission of Tikun Olam.(fixing the world) Your continued support of the Redwood Empire Food Bank and supplying toiletries and winter clothes for the needy is much appreciated.  The bins in the foyer of the shul are always full. Thanks so much
As you all know the need for healthy food is a year round concern.  As the holy days approach,please consider  collecting food now. Then when the food drive is held at Rosh Ha Shana and Yom Kippur you can easily fill a bag and bring it to services.  Extra grocery bags are always available at the services.

The committee will continue to have a monthly event to serve the community alternating between volunteering  at the food bank and serving a hot meal at The Palms.  The volunteer opportunities for the next few months are:
Wednesday, September 18 , at The Palms.  4:15-6:15 Wednesday, October 16, 500-7:00 at The Redwood Empire Food Bank with dinner to follow. Wednesday,  November 20, at The Palms.  4:15-6:15 Wednesday,  December 18, at The Redwood Empire Food Bank 4:15-6:15 dinner to follow Consider joining us or helping in any way.  We always need food for the Palms,
We have also committed to bringing two speakers to the monthly Friday Night Shabbat Dinners. We are hoping to bring speakers who will speak on the social issues of today. The speakers will be informational. Details to follow.

 For many of us, these are very difficult times that we face in our country.  We hope that kindness and forgiveness will be in  our thoughts as we enter the holy days.   Let us remember that  once our people were strangers in a strange land and that we are all made in God’s image.  A peaceful year to all,   Lyla Nathan