This has been a very difficult year for Sonoma County. The fires have had a huge emotional, financial, and physical toll on our Beth Ami community and the larger community. We have tried to address some of these needs in our efforts to make for a better world. Thanks to our members Susan Miller, Cheryle Miller, Karen Herskovic, Ellen Mundell, Carol Swanson, Tish Levee, Judi Hyman, Bobbie Rosenthal, Lyla Nathan, Lenore Holloway, and Judy Gunnar. You all have done a remarkable job.
Here is a list of highlights from this year.
We began serving dinner to the residents of The Palms every other month. The Palms is subsidized HUD housing that serves previously homeless veterans and Catholic Charities clients. Our last dinner was in June. We served over 60 people. It was a huge success.Great thanks to Bernard and Maria Soltes for providing the most delicious hot pasta entree.
We continue to provide food for Jewish Family and Children Services. Thanks to everyone who fill our bins with healthy food. Because of the fires there is greater need at the pantry.We are now going to the food bank twice a month to get needed staples for JFCS clients. Their clients truly appreciate the extra fresh produce and dairy products.
Our monthly Wednesday mornings at The Redwood Empire Food Bank haven’t been very successful this year. However, their needs have increased due to the fires. We are hoping to change the time to afternoons and early evening to increase attendance. We perhaps could go out for a simple meal afterward. More information to follow.
We collected many warm items for the winter clothing drive. We did not partner with Shomrei Torah this year as many of their members lost their homes. Most of the clothes were given to the homeless.
We also collected many toiletries and gave out bags to those in need. Thanks to all Beth Ami members and nursery school families for your generosity.
We had a nine-month series called Community Conversations. We learned and practiced techniques in listening. We made new friends and we had very meaningful conversations. The last meetings dealt primarily with the issues that arose from the fires. We are thinking about another series, possibly on Older and Growing.
We hosted speakers from The Palms to discuss the many problems that homeless veterans encounter in our county.
We participated in the Gay Pride this year. Everyone loved the colorful parasols.
We are always looking for people to join the committee.
We also appreciate any help that you can provide on an occasional basis. Our next dinner at The Palms is Wednesday, August 15.
Again, Todah Rabah to the Beth Ami Kehilla. You all help repair the world (Tikun Olam).