All Rosh Chodesh women… Hannah Caratti has agreed to host “Welcoming Rosh Chodesh Av with Hebrew Chanting and Yoga” on Monday, July 24! 
Wear comfortable clothes that you can stretch and move in. We’ll be in Hannah’s studio 7:00-7:45pm. Be sure to bring “layers” and some snacks to share as we talk about Rosh Chodesh and sing some of our songs on the back patio (7:45-8:15pm)
All Jewish women are welcome, regardless of affiliation (or not) … Our gatherings are always uplifting and often inspirational. Please join us!
Note: Parking is very limited so we’ll need to carpool. RSVP to, if you plan to participate and if you could be a driver. Bonnie Boren and I will tally up the numbers and send out a final notice next week. (We’ll need to leave Beth Ami’s parking lot by 6:45pm)
Suggested donation per participant: $5-10 (but no one will be excluded!)
Hannah says, “I look forward to sharing this special “Rosh Chodesh” song with you….I learned it from the Jewish Women’s Group “Vocalot”…..”
–Patty Bernstein