Dancers, the Friedman Center has let me know that they want to charge us $50 an hour. Our small numbers which have allowed us to be flexible and work around Friedman Center events and setups makes it hard to afford this fee of $100 for each dance session.

We can use the social hall as much as we want.

I have reserved the social hall for August 10 and 24, September 7 and 21, and we can dance and discuss what people want to do.
We can have vegetarian snacks in the social hall.

Some possibilities are:
continuing in the social hall
carpooling to other classes in Marin or Kensington
finding another place with a wood floor that we can afford or that will host us for free.

Obviously, these decisions have to be based on the people who come to the dance, and our numbers will have a major bearing on what solution is open to us.
We can collect ideas and possibilities and discuss them at our sessions…

L’hitraot (see you later)