The May 13 “Rockin’ Yom Haatzamut” was a stunning achievement for Congregation Beth Ami with well over 100 congregants and friends gathering to celebrate the anniversary of Israel’s independence.  The celebration was made possible through support from the Jewish Federation, the volunteer efforts of perhaps two dozen congregants, and cooperative planning by the Israel Committee, the Religious School, the Religious Practices Committee, and the office of the Executive Director.  The event was co-sponsored by Stand With Us.

The event started at 4:00 on the lawn with free Israeli wine (plus cheese) for the adults and arts and games for kids.  At 5:00 professional musicians Melita Silberstein and Isaac Zones put on a special concert for kids.  From 5:30-6:30 we all enjoyed special Israel-inspired cuisine at a subsidized price that all families could afford. Our musicians then played a special Yom Haatzmaut performance from 6:30-7:30 that morphed seamlessly into their leading a truly special Rockin’ Shabbat.

Special thanks are due to Eric Singer, who served as master chef.