Next Sunday Skill Building Intensive April 3rd. Grades 4th and up come together monthly on a Sunday to hone their Hebrew reading, Torah chanting and T’fillah leading skills. This is another way for our students to succeed­—whether for catch-up if they’ve just joined us or have had to miss class, to develop select skills or to take their skills to the next step Monthly intensives are free for enrolled CBA students and open for enrollment to the greater community, to foster connections for our students with other Jewish kids and to increase access to high-quality Jewish learning. February 7th Join us for our monthly Toolkit Sunday, 10-1 Brush up on your Hebrew reading, whether you need an intro to alef or you’re working on increasing speed and fluency! Free to Religious School students and nearly free for all CBA members (donation gladly accepted), for youth and adults, age 10 and up. Please RSVP and bring a dairy or pareve bag lunch.

Classes are held from 10 AM-1 PM at Congregation Beth Ami. The scheduled meeting times are: 11/8/15, 12/6/15, 1/10/16, 2/7/16, 3/6/16, 4/3/16, 5/1/16

Donation request: Our hungry students have devoured our snack budget! I am gratefully receiving donations of fresh, whole oranges, string cheese and unopened boxes of whole grain crackers. Please let me know if you’d like to sponsor a snack. $10 feeds all our kids for the whole school day! Thanks so much.