You might want to friend Limor Shapira’s facebook page:  —Limor used to teach our class before moving back to Israel, and now she teaches a group in the Galilee area. She posts a lot of videos that aren’t available on YouTube, and while they are not always complete as far as learning a dance, it’s fun to see what dances her group is doing. A lot of the dances are ones we know, and she is still doing dances she taught us and that we have gotten rusty on. I was happy to see “Chagigayah,” “Or Chadash,” “Darkenu,” and “Tevorchi Artzi,” (along with a couple I’ve never seen before) in her latest video.

I’ve been talking to people about having a formal beginners’ lesson at 6:30 followed by a mix of intermediate, basic and advanced dances starting at 7. If you’d like to come to a class for beginners, you can comment here to let me know.