Congregation Beth Ami President Laura Alexander shared the highlights of her first year as President and her willingness to serve another two years if elected. She asked Board members and volunteers to rise to be thanked for their contribution to Beth Ami. The success of Beth Ami relies on everyone helping in whatever way they can.

Laura reviewed the Goals that the Board set for 2014-2015.

(1) Evaluate Friday night Shabbat activities to increase participation. We initiated the Guess Who’s Coming to Shabbat program. The plan is to have every member invited to attend and/or host a Shabbat dinner in a congregant’s home at least once during the year. We will continue to implement this goal.

(2) Establish a lounge area. Jeff Sheff and others have been working on rearranging the Library to be used as a lounge.

(3) Fix Water Leaks at CBA. Most of these have been fixed. The Facilities Committee is looking into permanent solutions for some of them.

(4) Address Risk assessment and security issues. The first priority has been to increase safety for the Nursery School. A security system for the gate into the Beth Ami courtyard will be installed within the next month.

Laura added that another goal – expanding Rabbi Miller’s contract to a full-time position – has been made possible by a two-year grant from the Friedman Family and Friedman Center Endowment, plus donations from other Beth Ami members. The members of the Board have purchased a Leaf for the Tree of Honor to thank the Friedman family for their continued support of Beth Ami.

Laura encouraged families to find the level of engagement that fits their skills and passions.