Israeli Folk Dancing, approximately two Wednesdays a month at 6:30 pm, none in May, next dances will be June 3 and 17.

When we went to San Francisco’s Cafe Shalom this month, Alan, a teacher dancing there, suggested we try HaLev by Gadi Bitton. I like the dance, and the music is catchy enough to displace the Purim spiel songs from Les Miz that have been stuck in my brain, so that’s something. Here are some videos I found: 2 of Gadi Bitton demonstrating and teaching (watching Gadi Bitton dance is always worthwhile) and a third video made in L.A. that’s cleaner quality. Hmm, it looks like it’s not letting me embed the teaching video. The song means “The Heart” and seems to be kind of like “You’ve lost that lovin’ feeling”…a breaking-up song.