Let’s have a discussion about what dances you’d like to learn. I keep talking about having a formal beginners’ section of the class, probably 7 to 7: 30, with a half hour of warm up dances before and mixed harder and easier dances afterwards. Since our group is drop in, I never know if enough beginners are coming to make this worthwhile… so this is your chance to tell me, in the comments below or by email.

We should also start on a new dance. Here are three you Tube videos of dances that are popular in the more populated regions to the south. The first one, Shir LeAsaf, is the suggestion of Carl Servin who dances in the South Bay, it’s lyrical pop music. The next two are Rebecca’s suggestions from the Kensington group’s repertoire: Elef Mechazrim, country western (!) and Debka Eilon, which is Georgian, that is former Soviet Georgia, not more country western. (Georgian Jews comprise a community in Israel.) So take a look at these and let me know in the comments or by email. The benefit of replying in the comments is that everyone can see them.

Shir LeAsaf

Elef Mechazrim:

Debka Eilon: