It takes a community. We have people who go above and beyond for these potlucks because they love to cook. We have Ahuva, who comes in at least once a week in our kitchen to make soups, couscous or cooked vegetable dishes that can be served on Shabbat. Irwin comes in twice a week to make Challah. Mark comes in and does prep work and makes potato salad to share. Occasionally they and other people will come in to our Beth Ami kitchen to make a kugel or pasta salad or a special dessert for us to enjoy. You too can come in and cook something special; just contact the Beth Ami Office to make the arrangements.

There are other ways people contribute to our potlucks. People bring in items from home, following our Food and Potluck Guidelines (which you can get it in the Beth Ami Office or on line at the Beth Ami Website under the Food Prompt located in the Community Menu). People bring in donations of Kiddush wine (or stronger spirits for our ‘Kiddush Club’ after Ha-Motzi). Your membership fees enable us to provide the basics for this lunch: wine, bagels, challah, plates, cups, coffee, tea, and cutlery. Food you prepare or bring adds variety to our meal. Additional donations you make to the Beth Ami General Fund, whether or not you mark them for the Shabbat Lunch fund, enable us to provide delicious supplements. All of this helps to make these potlucks a special community get together.

But, we are not done yet. We also have special volunteers; Ahuva, Betty, Patty, Binese, Earl, and Edith, who set-up for both Shabbat Potluck and Friday night Dinner and Onegs. We have wonderful people like Myrna, Betty and Ahuva who have generously brought in homemade desserts (following the Food and Potluck Guidelines) for the Onegs after Friday night services and helped to cleanup after.

There are even more people involved behind the scenes. We have Lizzie who sees that we get the supplies we need for the kitchen and for the social hall. We have volunteer Mashgichim—organizers who do their best to help keep the CBA kitchen running smoothly for any event—Betty, Myrna, Mark, Janet and Jeffrey. And don’t forget our other Mashgichim who enable people to be in the kitchen cooking for these and other events: Arnold, Mieneke, Barb, Tish, Susan, Pnina, Ahuva, Irvin, Esther, Richard, Rick, and Rabbi Mordecai.

As you can see, it takes a community of volunteers who care, to make Shabbat Onegs & Potlucks special. Whether or not you can contribute food, funds, or help, we welcome your participation in the lunches. By sharing together we build our community. If you are interested in helping in the Kitchen Committee, please contact Janet & Jeffrey. If you want to help with the Shabbat potlucks, please contact Mark or Betty. If you want to help with the Friday night Onegs, please contact Betty.