How about something to keep us warm for this fall & winter? We had some great soups made last year for Shabbat Potlucks and we are hoping for more again this year!

Oh, and how about the baking? Besides the conversations going around about the wonderful Challah made; there has been another interesting baking topic that is being discussed—making bagels.

Are there any more workshops in the planning? Who knows, maybe we’ll have a workshop on bagels.

And we have the upcoming Chanukah celebration coming with latkes! Mmmm, we challenge you to find something that smells better then latkes on the griddle. And last year, everyone got into the act to make latkas at Beth Ami. We had our Board, the Religious School, the 13th tribe, and the nursery school, all making latkas in the kitchen. It’s never too soon to start planning for Chanukah. Just imagine all the different types of latkes you could make. For sweet potato or zucchini latkes just substitute one or two potatoes with 1 or 2 zucchini or 1 sweet potato. If you are vegan, you can use quick cooking oats & water, if you are gluten-free try quinoa flakes & water. Check out for these and more recipes.

You may have noticed more variety in the foods offered at our Potlucks; kugels, potato salads, pasta salads etc. They were there because they were cooked in the Beth Ami kitchen following our kosher guidelines. Would you like to make a cold salad made with pasta or rice you’d like to add to the Potluck table? Then come and cook with us in the Beth Ami Kitchen. Check out the pamphlet, Guidelines for Kitchen Use.

If you want to bring food from home, just follow the pamphlet that has the Food and Potluck GuidelinesAnd if you don’t have an idea of what to make, just check out the Shabbat Pot Luck Recipe book that Mieneke Drake put together for some simple ideas.

Whether you are planning to use the kitchen for a big event or small, check out the newest pamphlet that is now available for you. It’s the Special Events, Use Of Kitchen, and it gives you an idea of what needs to be done if you plan on using the Beth Ami Kitchen whether you are planning for a major event like the Scholarship in Residence Program or the Board’s famous Latkes party or even a small event like coming in to make a special dish to be served at the next potluck or planning a tea for your next Chavarah meeting at Beth Ami.

All of the above pamphlets from the CBA Kitchen Committee are available for you, either by email (in PDF format), or in the Beth Ami Office. You just have to ask.

A special thank you for all of you who have participated in making the CBA kitchen a happening place. Whether you brought in food to share for our events, donated food or equipment or money for food for our Shabbat lunches, donated your time and labor to be a Mashgiach for one of our events, to organize and clean the kitchen, to fix our elderly freezer or to getting our knives sharpened (and you all know who you are) we appreciate you one and all.

Janet & Jeffrey Stein-Larson