I just taught at a new folk dancers’ festival in Petaluma, put on by the Folk Dance Federation. It was an international folk dance event, not Jewish or Israeli. I decided to teach a real classic, “Kuma Echa” choreographed by Rivka Shturman in 1945 on Kibbutz Ein Harod. After i finished, one of the Balkan dance teachers came up to me and asked if I knew where Ein Harod was. I told him that I had volunteered on the kibbutz next door, and used to go over to Ein Harod for their weekly folk dance. I even met Rivka Shturman in 1974. “Well,” he told me, “I was born on that kibbutz and still have relatives living there.” Then the wife of the Swedish dance teacher came over and said “I was a volunteer on Kibbutz Ein Harod.” It’s not that big a place! Here is the dance: