Our CBA Kitchen is all about food. We have foods for all types of celebrations: holidays, life cycles and special events. As we approach summer months, we realize that the Jewish holiday cycle slows down a bit, so now is a good time to reflect on the Jewish Holidays that have their traditional foods. Below is a table of some of the food traditions served around some of the Jewish Holidays. Of course, these traditions varies among families, but that is the fun of the celebration.

Uh oh, somebody mixed up the table. Please help us straighten it out. Just connect a line from the traditional Jewish Food to the Holiday. There is one answer for each holiday.


Jewish Holiday                    Some traditional Jewish Foods
1) Rosh Hashanah                  a) Foods that are rolled (like the Torah): cabbage rolls, philo rolls
2) Yom Kippur                       b) Seder: fruits, nuts, vegetables, seven species mentioned in Torah
3) Sukkot                              c) No Hametz; Seder: Z’roa, Beitzah, matzah, maror, haroset, hazeret,
karpas, wine
4) Shmini Atzeret                  d) Full fast
5) Simchat Torah                  e) Foods cooked in oil; latkes, soofganiyot, loukoumades, zelibi, foods
containing cheese
6) Chanukah                         f) Carobs
7) Tu BiShvat                       g) Full fast
8) Purim                              h) Eating outside: Autumnal foods (apples, sweet potatoes carrots, other
root vegetables), stuffed foods (cabbage, zucchini), Kreplach
9) Pesach                             i) Hamantashen, foods making mishloach manot
10) Lag B’Omer                    j) May or may not eat outside: Autumnal foods (apples, sweet potatoes, carrots,                                                   other root vegetables), stuffed foods (cabbage, zucchini), Kreplach
11) Shavuot                         k) apples, pomegranates, carrots, beets, black-eye peas, green beans, head of                                                       (fish, sheep, cabbage, or garlic), leeks, chard, spinach, gourds, dates
12) Tish’a B’Av                     l) Dairy meals: cheese blintzes, macaroni, cheese, cheesecake