There have been a few additions and changes in the Beth Ami Kitchen. Our 18 plus year old refrigerator had to be repaired and now has a new condenser; and thanks to Richard Kahn our freezer condenser has been cleaned which we hope will keep it working for many years to come. Our drawers of utensils have been made easier (and safer) to get into because they have been reorganized with removable containers and spread out because we have a new 3-drawer stacking unit. We have had many donations of food, kitchen tools and equipment, and time for the CBA kitchen.

Our many Thank Yous go to Gary Highland for paring knives and vegetable peelers, Terry Gurevitch for scissors, J&J for a new pyrex casserole dish, David Kahn and Safeway for boxes of Kosher for Passover foods, Mieneke and Arnold for a Cuisinart, and Ahuva Simon-Sa’ar for a new grater, a 3-drawer stacking unit for utensils, and for a new 40 cup coffee pot donated in honor of J&J’s anniversary. We also wish to thank Ahuva, Pnina, and all others who purchased new trays, and re-organized the utensil drawers so the utensils are easier to access.

And a very special thanks to all those members of Congregation Beth Ami who help us out in the kitchen and support its use. ~ J&J