We have always found that keeping kosher brings up alot of different issues in the form of questions, concerns, or discussions. We are a Conservative Synagogue, and our Beth Ami kitchen is kosher. Rabbi Miller is our Halachic adviser and our mashgiach-in-charge and it is his standards and guidelines that we follow in keeping the Beth Ami kitchen kosher. However, in our home, each and every one of us are our own mashgiach and have our own standards and guidelines as to what degree and how we choose to keep kosher.

We just had a class on being a Mashgiach Volunteer at Beth Ami. Thanks to Mark Rosen, in three hours we covered 3 topics: a discussion on Kashrut by Rabbi Miller; a brief tour of the kitchen by Jeffrey Stein-Larson; and operational concerns in the Beth Ami kitchen by Mark Rosen. This was followed by a simple pot-luck lunch to demonstrate what was presented. Seven of the current mashgichim came for review, and four people came to see just what being a mashgichim involves.

There are two general directions that have developed from this class. We now have a few more people who want further training so they can be Mashgiach volunteers for our Beth Ami kitchen., and we also have people who want to talk kosher. They want to have discussions like; why be kosher; how does one start to keep kosher in your own home; or ask technical questions like what kosher symbols are acceptable, how does one know what chemicals in food are kosher, how do you rekosher pyrex. Or they want to share finds like, where to find kosher meat.

If you are interested in participating in something like this whether it be a class, or an informal discussion group, contact us at JSL2602@sonic.net. We’ll see what can be done. Thank you and Shannah Tova

Jeffrey & Janet Stein-Larson, Co-Chairs, Kitchen Committee