Services & Dinners


Shabbat dinner series programming for 2018-2019

Resilience, Hope & Recovery: Extraordinary Contributions and the People who Create Them. Join us the first Friday of every month, starting in August 2018, for Shabbat service, community dinner (no charge) and program featuring extraordinary contributions to resilience, hope and recovery and the people in our community who make them. Shabbat is a time to be with family and friends, and this year we particularly are mindful of how the presence of a strong community offers survivors of any disasters stepping stones on the path to normalcy. Join us for Services (6:00 pm) and dinner (6:30 pm) with program to follow; invite your family & friends. There is no charge for dinner, but you must make a reservation. This program is generously underwritten by a grant from the Jewish Community Federation’s Wildfire Relief Fund. Resilience Hope Recovery flyer

6:00 p.m. Erev Shabbat service
6:30 p.m. Shabbat dinner: no charge, donations made online or sent to the office are gratefully accepted.
7:15 p.m. Speaker
Make sure to RSVP by previous Wednesday 

Regular Service Schedule (non-holidays)

Synagogue services have always held a central place in the life of Congregation Beth Ami. This lists our usual service schedule for non-holiday days.

Friday Evening Services

Shabbat Evening Services Friday night services, except for the first Friday of the month, will be at 7:30 during standard time months. This will enable congregants to eat dinner before services and socialize at the oneg afterwards. On the first Friday and on some other occasions when there is a dinner, there will be a shorter evening service from 6:00 to 6:30.

First Friday of each month: Shabbat Dinner & Services with Rabbi Miller: Services from 6:00-6:30 followed by dinner. Speakers, music, or other programs may follow dinner. No charge, but we do need RSVPs. We gratefully accept donations. Make your reservation by calling 707-360-3000 or emailing the office by noon the Wednesday before the dinner.

Featured periodic speakers
After and during Friday night services

Shabbat Morning Services

Shabbat Morning Services
9:30 a.m. Saturday morning Services, led by the Rabbi, lay leaders and guests.
A dairy potluck lunch follows. Potluck Food Guidelines

Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations
Saturday morning Shabbat Services,
followed by festive lunches hosted by the celebrant’s family.

Weekday Services

“Daily Daven” morning and evening with Rabbi Miller in the chapel.
–Monday thru Friday at 7:00 am
Sundays and national holidays at 8:30am, a light breakfast follows on 1st and 3rd Sundays
Evenings–Sunday through Thursday at 7:00 pm.
If you need to say Kaddish or memorialize a special event, contact the office at 360-3000 one week in advance, and we will do our best to secure a minyan. The Torah is read Monday and Thursday, if there is a minyan. Please read this note from Rabbi Mordecai Miller:

I actually started davening (attending minyan services) regularly at my first pulpit, Temple of Aaron, St. Paul MN, back in the mid seventies. I found that getting together with fellow daveners bracketed my day in a unique way. The ideas expressed through the prayers covered the spectrum of emotions from “thanks” to “hope” to “seeking” Divine help. Ever since that time, I’ve tried to support a daily minyan at every shul I’ve served.

Before I even arrived in Santa Rosa, I had heard from my colleague in St. Louis, Rabbi Mark Fasman, that he had wanted to attend a Conservative minyan in the Bay Area to honor his father who had just passed away. There was simply none to be found. So I made a personal commitment at the time, that if I was fortunate enough to serve a pulpit in this area, I would try to create an opportunity for anyone who wished, to be able to attend a minyan and say Kaddish.

About a year ago, I was able to start a regular morning service, Monday through Friday. I made a personal commitment that were I fortunate enough for my position at Beth Ami to become full-time, I would round out the day with a daily evening service (Sunday through Thursday).

I would love to provide a resource for our community and an opportunity for anyone who wants, to be able to stop by on any given day and spend some time meditating in holy space, (in the presence of a Sefer Torah).
Sunday through Thursday, we start at 6:00 the Chapel, and services take about 20 to 30 minutes

Know that you will be most welcome any time you choose to come and join us.

Rabbi Mordecai Miller

If you need to say Kaddish
If you need to say Kaddish or memorialize a special event, contact the office at 360-3000 one week in advance, and we will do our best to secure a minyan. The Torah is read Monday and Thursday, if there is a minyan.