Social Action Goes to the Movies

The Social Action Committee is a co sponsor of the Social Action film series at Shomrei Torah. This year the theme is Democracy is NOT a Spectator Sport. We encourage everyone to support the series. The films and panel discussions are always pertinent and very informative. The first movie is Jan. 27th. “Women’s March”, a film about the march that was held in many cities, including Santa Rosa in January. Please refer to Series 2018 flyer for details. All events will be at 7 pm at Congregation Shomrei Torah, 2600 Bennett Valley Road, Santa Rosa. Free and open to the public.

January 27 “Women’s March” This past January many thousands of women marched on Washington to express to the new president and Congress that women’s rights are human rights and their power cannot be ignored. That same day, hundreds of sister marches took place in cities and small towns across America, including Santa Rosa. It was the largest one-day protest in American history. Women’s March is a powerful short film about democracy, human rights and what it means to stand up for your values in America today. Meet people who organize for social action throughout Sonoma County. Speakers from Indivisible, NBOP and other groups will be on the panel.

February 24 “The Bail Trap” The inability to pay bail is one of the main causes of America’s mass incarceration system yet something most Americans know little about. The money bail system is broken: private companies achieve exorbitant profits by exploiting people (primarily of color) in poor communities. Many low-income Americans sit in jails for days, months, and even years, accused, but not convicted of minor misdemeanors, simply because they can’t afford to pay excessively high bail. Find out about the devastation caused by money bail and how we can fix the system.

March 17 “Fix It” This documentary reaches across the political and ideological divide to look at how our dysfunctional health care system damages our economy, suffocates businesses, discourages physicians, and negatively impacts the nation’s health, while remaining unaffordible for a third of our citizens. Learn about the advantages and challenges of a single payer health care system and how California can lead the nation by creating one.

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