Dancing in February and March

We’re dancing February 22 in the social hall. I’ve had to schedule irregular dance dates in March because of rehearsing and performing the Purim spielĀ 

We are dancing this Wednesday, Feb. 22,
THEN SKIP TWO WEEKS, next dance March 22

April continues regularly: April 5 and 19.

All these are in the social hall at Beth Ami. I’ll look into transferring classes to the Finley Senior Center since they have actual dance studios…

4 Responses to “Dancing in February and March”

  1. Stacey Grace

    I would like to join the mailing list to know about Israeli dancing (if there is a list).
    Thank you!

    • Leanne Schy

      Stacey, I added you to our information list.
      I also have a carpooling list, with open emails, for people who want to organize carpooling to dances in the city and east bay. Do you want to be on that one?


  2. Susan Markcity

    Please add me to your mailing list for the Israeli dancing. Boy, that sounds like a lot of fun!
    I am not part of your community but stumbled upon this as we were looking around for a Hanukkah party to go to. Would love to get involved in the dancing, if it will be held in the Santa Rosa-Sebastopol-Cotati, or thereabouts, areas.

    Thank you,
    Susan Markcity