Israeli dance back in November

Israeli dancing is back! Times are 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. November 18 in the social hall, November 25 in the Friedman Center. The Friedman Center will be renovated in December and January, so we’ll have the next four meetings in the social hall. Starting in January we will start with 30 minutes of beginning instruction if there is interest.
December 9–it’s Chanukah! Since we’re in the social hall, we’ll be able to have candles and vegetarian refreshments.
December 23
January 6 –Let me know if you’d like a beginning lesson.
January 20

2 Responses to “Israeli dance back in November”

  1. Hava

    Dear Leanne,
    There are a few of us (Israelis) who are interested in joining the Israeli dance.
    We’re beginners. Do we have to wait till January or can we join the group any time?
    I’d appreciate hearing from you.