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Zoom Bombed

Hi dancers. Well, we got zoom bombed, so I've been studying about Zoom bombing and getting familiar with security. I was completely unprepared since I thought our group was too obscure to attract notice. But I've learned that Zoom bombing gangs use algorithms to...

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Pesach 5781 Message from Rabbi Miller

Dear Friends, We’ve all taken a long journey over this past year. Just over a year ago - it was right after Purim - the world was thrown into the grips of a new plague. Our lives were altered almost overnight, and we were forced to face a formerly unexplored disease;...

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Dances for Spring and Passover

Hi dancers. Send requests, i'll also repeat dances from last time.-- since I'm preparing for Passover, I'll do some spring themed dances... Song of Songs is read during Passover. There is a lot from Song of Songs that we dance to: though most are couple dances, there...

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Passover Preparations

Why are the holiday preparations for Passover this year different from all the other times we prepared for Passover? The way I see it, from the very beginning, Passover preparations have been different and challenging. In Exodus we read about two preparations of...

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Kindershul and Passover

Learn about Passover with our children’s program, for those ages 4 – 7. Led by Robin Cooper, a full-time educator and former Sunday school teacher with music by Lisa Iskin and assisted by Rabbi Miller. FREE TO ALL! Music, stories, dance (and more!) around Jewish...

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