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In Every Generation

"In Every Generation They Tried to destroy us. God saved us” “Let’s eat!” This formula certainly applies to the two approaching holidays of Purim and Pesach. Interesting to note that the former comes at the end of the holiday cycle and the second, at the beginning. At...

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Tu B’Shevat food traditions

Tu means 15th; B’Shevat means of the month of Shevat. This was the date originally designated as the general birthday of all the trees that provided food in Israel no matter when in the year they were actually planted. It should come as no surprise to you that this...

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A response to crisis

If our TaNaCh (Bible) represents the dawn of the human record, human conflict takes place by the first generation. We read about how Cain’s jealousy leads him to murder his brother Abel. There is little doubt that Cain feels totally justified in this treacherous act....

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