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A New (or almost new) New Year.

אחד המרבה ואחד הממעיטת רק שיכוון את לבו לשמים It is all the same whether one extends, or abbreviates (eg. prayer), As long as one directs ones heart toward heaven תפסת מרובה לא תפסת תפסת מאת תפסת If you grab a large amount, you won’t hold onto anything; If you grab a...

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Rosh Chodesh Gatherings 5782

Rosh Chodesh (literally, “head of the month” or “head of the moon”), the first of every Hebrew month, always falls on the new moon. In biblical times, Rosh Chodesh was a festival marked by celebratory sacrifice and feasting. Today Beth Ami’s Rosh Chodesh women’s group...

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Plans for the New Year

As we end the year and prepare for the early High Holidays the SAC is hoping for a return to more normal activities and programming this year. As stated in our yearly report this year was like none other. However, even with COVID restrictions we were able to continue...

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Where do we go from here?

As a member of the Board of Directors and the Reopening Task Force, a lot of questions have been on my mind, especially now as the new CBA Board President. The main one is: how do we reopen and make everyone feel safe? How do we start to have congregant participation...

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