Religious School preK-9th

SOS, Save Our Sunday: a success!

We are liberating Sunday! Our excellent Jewish education program for youth from Pre-K and up introduced a new format and schedule last year: Fridays (all grades) and Tuesdays (upper grades), 4-6 PM! Parents, kids and teachers love it. We offer cutting-edge Shabbat immersion classes integrated with Hebrew, Torah, T’fillah and Holiday curriculum for a rich, well-rounded, egalitarian Jewish education. Shabbat is a natural vehicle for teaching children about Judaism and imparting Torah. As an added bonus, the new schedule frees up our weekends for family time and deeper community involvement. Here are Religious School Calendar and Dinner Club dates for 2017/18: Beth Ami Religious School Calendar17-18 

Register for Religious School with this form: Registration Religious School 17-18 Find out about our Pre-Kindergarten program below. For more information contact Judy Kupfer or call 360-3000.

Beth Ami Family Dinner Club

challah-picOnce a month after religious school, starting at 6 PM, we offer a simple, healthy, kid and parent-friendly Shabbat meal! Relief from the obligation of making dinner after a looooong week! We’ll feed you and your family so you can relax into Shabbat, have a glass of wine and listen to
the happy sounds of your children making friends. All meals begin with kiddush over grape juice and delicious challah (gf and dairy free options always), and include green salads and fruit.
Sample menus include: Baked potatoes with all the fixins’ DIY Tacos featuring beans, rice and toppings Pasta bar with choices of sauces, butter and cheese.

Special Offer for Nursery School Students!

Enroll your child today! We have great things planned for our developmentally appropriate Pre-K-K-1 class. We look forward to being partners with you on this next phase in your child’s Jewish Education!
• Immerse your child in the love of Jewish learning with old and new friends in a familiar and safe place.
• Art projects—fun and messy stuff—to decorate your home for the Jewish holidays
• Torah stories told by artful and enthusiastic tellers
• Learning through movement, music, stories as we learn our Alef Bet
• T’fillah-Jewish prayer for the youngest with Rabbi Miller
• Special programming for young families
Please join us as we create an easy and comfortable transition from nursery school to religious school. Any questions and ideas are invited! or 707-360-3012.

My First Jewish Class for preschoolers

Beth Ami and You presents My First Jewish Class‼️ Fridays at 1:00 – 1:45 p.m.  A new class has been added for 3- and 4-year–old Nursery School students AND their parents! It will be on Fridays from 1-1:45, and it is FREE to nursery school students! To register for Beth Ami and You: My First Jewish Class, download this form: PreK RS Registration For more information, contact Judy Kupfer at 707-360-3012 or at

About the School

Our religious school is made up of grade-school level, which encompasses students from grades kindergarten through 7th grade, and a post B’nai Mitzvah (after Bat or Bar Mitzvah) program which includes USY and Chaverim. Our spacious campus offers many classrooms and a striking sanctuary. We have a very low teacher to student ratio, which means that your child will receive excellent individualized education within a supportive and stimulating setting! Our students thrive in an atmosphere of leadership, exploration, Jewish values, ethical dilemmas, Hebrew, dance, art, holiday celebrations, family education, social events, and the love of Jewish life and learning!

Young students visiting the Torah scrollsJudaism rests upon a shared commitment to Jewish learning, celebrations, dedication, joy, and the obligations that being Jewish entails. These are what give substance and meaning to our Jewish lives. Jewish continuity depends upon our ability to maintain and strengthen these shared commitments and obligations, and to pass them on to our children. The bonds of Jewish people-hood have stood at the heart of Jewish group definition since the days of Abraham and Sarah. As Jews, whether by birth or by choice, we must consider ourselves links in a great chain of Jewish tradition, a shalshelet (chain) that stretches across the generations binding Jews across time, and into the future, Klal Yisrael (the community of Israel).

Partial scholarships are available, so please don’t allow finances to be a deterrent. Your child’s Jewish education and socialization is fundamental!

Our Religious School is a vibrant and exciting place for your children to learn, play, meet other Jewish young people, and grow to feel even more comfortable with our rich tradition. We have a safe and wonderful campus. On the playground we have inventive and exciting equipment as well as a large beautiful grassy area much loved by our older students. We are home to a long history of creative, knowledgeable, and experienced teachers who love teaching and learning. They treat the children as if they were their own! The success of our school is shown by the overwhelming response to our post B’nai Mitzvah students who return as Madrichim (class helpers). With their infectious enthusiasm and knowledge, they continue to bring smiles to everyone! Each class works on a tzedakah (“righteousness” — doing the right thing) project for their current year. This becomes a way for the students to be more aware of their helpful personal effect on our larger society.
We aim to foster an understanding of Judaism’s diversity, a development of a healthy Jewish identity, and providing role models to enable each child to find a place for him/herself to grow and develop.

We aim to foster an understanding of Judaism’s diversity, providing role models to enable each child to find a place for him/herself to grow and develop.

We focus on:

  • learning the language,
  • process of Jewish thinking,
  • rituals of Judaism through the knowledge of prayers,
  • music and culture

Families come together for workshops, holidays, and community celebrations. We boast a delicious Family Shabbat Dinner which is held the first Friday of every month. Our new schedule allows families to stay and celebrate Shabbat after pick-up. What a great opportunity for families to gather together and celebrate the traditions and enjoy a delicious meal!

New programs: Beth Ami is pleased to introduce skill building intensives for the upper grades, monthly on a Sunday. This will allow us to provide another way for our students to succeed – a way to catch-up if they’ve just joined us or have had to miss class, to develop select skills and to learn in an alternative format. They will be free for enrolled CBA students AND open for enrollment to the greater community, to foster connections for our students with other Jewish kids and to increase access to high-quality Jewish learning.

Creating community for our kids: This year we are beginning a new program where our students join together with other Jewish students in Sonoma County. This programming will include social, cultural, ethnic, and/or religious activities. It will be scheduled on a regular basis and open to all 3-7th graders to encourage our youngsters to socialize with our larger Jewish community!

Judy Kupfer, Director of Youth Education : 360-3000,