Enrichment Classes

Threes dancingBACNS engages specialists who teach music, gymnastics, yoga, and pottery on various days after our regular school sessions. Parents who choose to enroll their children in the enrichment classes pay for them separately from their regular monthly tuition and extended care services.

Amazing Athletes (Mondays)

Amazing Athletes‘ Coach Sam and Suzanne help preschool-aged children develop their gross motor skills. The curriculum focuses on seven key areas of motor development, such as hopping, running, balancing, and catching, and also teaches the fundamentals of nine different sports, including soccer, basketball, tennis, and baseball. We believe that regular, explicit instruction in motor skill activity is vital to the development of the whole child, and, as such, is an integral component of any educational setting.

Our once-per-week, 35-minute classes are fast-paced, interactive, non-competitive, and most of all, fun! The curriculum features plenty of variety as well as repetition, and allows for differentiation based on students’ wide ranging readiness levels. Our program also incorporates stretching, fitness, muscle tone, agility, and nutrition. The skills we teach children translate to greater confidence on the playground, playing field, and classroom, and will benefit them now and as they continue to elementary school.

Art (Tuesdays)

Throughout the year in art class, students will work with various mediums including: clay, painting, collage, sculpture, chalks and oil pastels. Every class students will create a new art project to be taken home that day. No class will be repeated. This class is for 3 thru 6 year olds.

Music Fun Time (Wednesdays)

Music Fun Time” is a multi level structured, comprehensive, progressive curriculum that incorporates music theory (teaching how to read staff music, rhythm, note values, time signatures, etc) and application (rhythm instruments, keyboard work, sing along, music appreciation, movement), while learning through the “play” center (themed games, accessible visual and auditory aids).  It is a fantastic system predicated on the notion that meeting children where they are, gives them the wings to blossom.This class is for 3 thru 6 year olds.

Developmental Gymnastics (Thursdays at 1 and 1:30)

Flying Angels is one of the most comprehensive lifestyle exercise programs available to children. Gymnastics incorporates strength, flexibility, speed, balance, coordination and discipline. Preschool Gymnastics is preparing students for successful experiences in school. Children who have participates in movement activities have longer attention spans, improved self-esteem, increased communication and general problem solving skills. Taught by Steve Sassone, he has been an instructor since 1981 and is Kinder-Accredited and Safety Certified through USA Gymnastics. “My goals in our classes is that every child feels capable and inspired to try their best and to challenge themselves!”

HappyFeet Soccer (Fridays)

HappyFeet Soccer introduces the game of soccer through creative play. Coach Cari uses stories, nursery rhymes, fun adventures, songs, and games. She is committed to helping children form healthy exercise habits through the world’s most popular game.

Pick up times

Athletic classes are 30 minutes long (pickup time 1:30), art and music are 45 minutes (pickup at 1:45)

There is no additional cost to the parents for extended care when your child is in an enrichment class. If you do not pick up your child on time after the enrichment class ends, he/she is placed in extended care, and you will be billed for extended care, even if it’s only for 15 minutes. See Extended day care for fees.