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Who should define anti-Semitism? by Tammi Rossman-Benjamin

reprinted from “Anyone who does not recognize the Jewish people and the State of Israel — and their right to exist — is guilty of anti-Semitism”  – Pope Francis “I think a good baseline [for when anti-Zionism becomes anti-Semitism] is: Do you think that Israel has a right to exist as a homeland for… Read more »

Israel Committee Upcoming Events

Jan 9-11 Scholar-in-Residence Weekend with Gary Kenzer, Executive Director, Honest Reporting  FREE Enjoy a weekend of learning and doing with HonestReporting’s USA Executive Director Gary Kenzer.  The first national North American Executive Director of Honest Reporting, Mr. Kenzer has been working for the organization since September 2006. Previously, he was national director for Magen David Adom… Read more »

Upcoming Events

See below for Israel events in October, December, and January 1:00 pm Saturday Oct. 11  Jonathan Carey.  FREE Mr. Carey is Founder and Executive Director of the is US-Israel Law Exchange (an organization to engage practicing attorneys and law students and faculty with Israel’s case through educational webinars and immersive trips to Israel), President and… Read more »