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No more Friedman Center

Dancers, the Friedman Center has let me know that they want to charge us $50 an hour. Our small numbers which have allowed us to be flexible and work around Friedman Center events and setups makes it hard to afford this fee of $100 for each dance session. We can use the social hall as much… Read more »

Summer dancing

Dancers, I’ll be back leading dancing July 13 and 27. August 10 and 24 will be in the social hall. Zy Gesundt, Leanne

Beginning dances #2

We’re back in the Friedman Center! We’ll be dancing there at 7 p.m. May 11 and 25. It will be interesting to see what it’s like! Beginning dances #2: Gadi Bitton, a noted Israeli choreographer, has posted, on You Tube, a collection of Israeli dances for beginners. Actually some of them are not beginning-level easy,… Read more »

Beginners’ dances

Starting in January the first half-hour, 7 – 7:30, will be for learning beginning steps and dances. Then from 7:30 to 9:30 we’ll mix various levels of dances, including more beginning dances. December 23, January 6 and 20, we’ll be dancing in the Beth Ami social hall because the Friedman Center is being remodeled. One upside to being… Read more »

Israeli dance back in November

Israeli dancing is back! Times are 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. November 18 in the social hall, November 25 in the Friedman Center. The Friedman Center will be renovated in December and January, so we’ll have the next four meetings in the social hall. Starting in January we will start with 30 minutes of beginning instruction if there is… Read more »

Nof Yaldut

This dance which Limor taught us has been following me around. I saw it recently on her facebook page being danced in Israel, I saw it being danced in L.A., and I just saw it being danced in San Francisco. Plus, Heidi likes it, so I guess we should bring this dance back! It’s called… Read more »

Check out Limor’s facebook page

You might want to friend Limor Shapira’s facebook page:  —Limor used to teach our class before moving back to Israel, and now she teaches a group in the Galilee area. She posts a lot of videos that aren’t available on YouTube, and while they are not always complete as far as learning a dance, it’s fun… Read more »

No dancing in May

Israeli Folk Dancing, approximately two Wednesdays a month at 6:30 pm, none in May, next dances will be June 3 and 17. When we went to San Francisco’s Cafe Shalom this month, Alan, a teacher dancing there, suggested we try HaLev by Gadi Bitton. I like the dance, and the music is catchy enough to displace… Read more »

Teaching new and beginning dances- a discussion

Let’s have a discussion about what dances you’d like to learn. I keep talking about having a formal beginners’ section of the class, probably 7 to 7: 30, with a half hour of warm up dances before and mixed harder and easier dances afterwards. Since our group is drop in, I never know if enough… Read more »

Dancing Resumes January 7

Don’t forget to come back to dancing after the winter break. We revived a lot of dances in the process of remembering the dances that Lee taught, and we’ll add a new one as well. Here’s a photo from Lee’s memorial dance, which turned into a lovely reunion, including Ruth Browns Gundelfinger, the lady who… Read more »