Register for israeli Folk Dance

Dancers, it’s time to register for the next session of israeli folk dance at the Finley/ Person center. The next session starts Aug. 29 and runs until Feb. 4, every other Wednesday, roughly… I’ve attachedĀ Fall-Winter Planning Calendar 2018-19 PSW. Cost is $36 to $46 for 12 sessions.
We are on page 25 of the activity guide, the session code for registration is 5387
The Santa Rosa Recreation and Parks url to register for our class is
Please email me if you’d like to come but can’t register.
In the meantime, the last dance of this session is this Wednesday, August 8th, and the first dance of the next session is August 29th.
Dancing at cafe Shalom in San Francisco is this Saturday, August 11. We usually form a carpool to go down there.
Be well,

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