Scholars-in-Residence Weekend with StandWithUs huge success

A well attended Scholar-in-Residence weekend started Saturday, January 16. Ms. Johanna Wilder, the Northern California Associate Director of StandWithUs, gave the drash and talk after lunch on the growing anti-Semitic environment on California college campuses and its impact on Jewish students.  The anti-Semitic environment permitted by university administrations is chilling.

Following Havdalah that evening, Dr. Michael Harris spoke on “1948: The War Still Being Fought Today”.  Dr. Mike showed how 70 years later, Israel is still confronted by the same ideologies of hate.  Esther Baruch of our Israel Committee organized the scrumptious light dinner for the attendees.

On Sunday, Max Samarov, Senior Researcher with StandWithUs, shared his investigation into the activities of campus agitators aiming for the destruction of Israel.  His talk revealed startling facts.  StandWithUs is fighting back to return campuses to places where Jewish student can once again feel welcome.

1Mike Harris SiR weekendst Photo (left to right): Israel Committee Chair Eli Cohen, Betty Boyd, SpeakeMax Samarov SiR weekendr and author of the recently published book, “How to Win a Debate with an Israel-Hater,” Dr. Michael Harris, and volunteer Ben Winkler.

2nd photo: StandWithUs Volunteers Stan Roodman and Arlene Rosenbaum, Speaker Johanna Wilder, Northern California Associate Director of StandWithUs, Speaker Max Samarov, Senior Researcher with StandWithUs, Israel Committee Chair Eli Cohen and Betty Boyd.